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    This is a great letter addressed to me from my good friend Nicole. We are still friends now. I was actually the maid of honor at her wedding last year, which makes this letter I grabbed out of the box all the more amusing. This letter was written in high school. We were about 15.



    Hey hon. Wow, that question you asked about which one I’d go out is really on my mind. I think I’d go for Jeremy because I’ve already been with Stephen and it was his fault for breaking up with me. But if things ever went wrong with Jeremy, then I’d go back with Stephen. I do miss Stephen occasionally, but my crush on Jeremy is like CONSUMING ME!! Do you think he likes me? He’s talking to me like every morning and every day in drama. Oh, I almost forgot. Yesterday, he asked if I needed a ride home and he’d be glad to drive me. I hope he likes me. I am so tired and I feel like my body is under stress. I need a deep tissue massage. Yesterday we sat in the dark watching the video. We were making each other laugh. It was great. I think he’s realizing that Vicky doesn’t like him or something. Or maybe he finds me more interesting. I dunno. OK enough of this junk. I love ya Mucho Grande! OK byeee.

                           <3 Nicolet

    PS. Dad’s roommate in moving out tomorrow! And my dad is working overtime tomorrow from 6am to 3pm. Home alone for me! But I have to clean and do homework.

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